I recently read the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, and though it is a 200 page easy read, I found it so valuable that I spent about a month getting through it, note taking and considering it’s applications for my life. I decided I’d love to share about it and encourage you to dig into this excellent resource yourself. This is my second post about it, so if you have not read the first, I recommend you read my post titled “Leveling Up: Identifying Your Upper Limit Problems” first. 


Living your genius is how Hendrick’s describes living into your best self. It’s about discovering the unique ability you have, and doing that, because that is what gets you into alignment with your best self. It is your gift to give to the world. It’s what gives you life and motivates you at the deepest level.


What activity or activities bring you into alignment? What do you love doing so much that you get into a very present state of flow, with inspiration outpouring? 

Now think a little deeper about the work that you do now. What part of it, if any, puts you in alignment? Think about even the tiniest details of your day. 

Furthermore, what specifically do you do at work that is deeply fulfilling and also inspires you to ideate, create, or connect in a powerful way? 

In all of this, what unique ability does this boil down to? 


When you determine what this unique ability is, you can be confident that this is a gift, not only to you, but to whomever it is that you work for. You can trust that you are giving your very best to where ever you are working, whatever you are working on. This is because this skill is connecting you to your best self. When you’re in intimate connection with your best self, you find alignment and flow faster. 

If you do this exercise and find yourself disappointed, because you don’t see yourself connecting to your best self at work, lean into that. Give yourself permission to acknowledge any worry or anxiety, set it aside for later, and ask yourself if you’re taking responsibility for where you’re at. Then consider what activities you make time for in your spare time. What do you day dream about? Can you begin to reframe your perspective and see the path forward? 

Once you’ve discovered what your genius is, commit to giving it space to grow. Spend time fostering your strengths instead of focusing on what is lacking. Engage in what lights you up daily. Don’t let fear keep you from living the life you deeply desire. Everything does not need to change in one fell swoop. Make tiny changes. And also know that you will continue to face the same human issues like anxiety, insecurity, and frustration among others. Trust that your practice of choosing to live into your best self is building a muscle of flow to get beyond those human issues, those upper limits, without being stumped by them.


Here’s my example for reference:

I feel that I live into my best self when I am sharing exciting things I’ve learned with someone over coffee. Also when I listen to someone share about their personal desires for themselves. In these scenarios, the exact thing I’m doing is sharing knowledge that has helped me grow as a person, and I know will help them grow. I am also connecting on a empathic level with them. I see the possibilities, the best-self dream they have. I can feel it. I can inspire them to dream like I do. Then act on it. And the thing I love most about that is knowing that we are progressing forward together towards our highest, truest, best, most fulfilled selves. 

You can order Gay Hendrick’s book “The Big Leap” on amazon here.

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