I often write to my inner voice. This is the deep part within that I would identify with the space between my heart and my gut. Physically I tune into the area of my body located about three inches above my belly button. From this practice, I gain peace, guidance, understanding, and direction. It is the basis for my belief, and it is something I have cultivated from a very young age. One of my favorite best-self advocates is Jess Lively, and a lot of her work recently has been coaching others to do just this. I took her course on Consciousness a few months ago, and it has empowered me to begin writing again and furthermore, share my inner voice writings. Anyone can connect with their inner voice. Just ask a question, tune in, and write exactly what comes to you. It may be words, an image, a feeling. If you get nothing, write, “nothing” and rephrase your question. If you feel the mind trying to take over, pause. Take a deep breath. Recenter. 


Inner voice why am I feeling anxious and biting my nails right now? 

What energy is this? 
Nervous energy. 

Why do I have nervous energy? 

Because why? 
Not aligned.

Not aligned with what? 
Inner self. Best self. I

How am I not aligned with my best self?
You feel like you can’t write about it when you don’t have it.

What don’t I have?
You’re not living it.

Do I have to have it to write about it?

Why not? 

What about working? 
You. You are working on your best self.

So I don’t need to be living my best self to write about it?
No, but you want to be living it now.

I do. How can I get closer to that right now? 
Give it up. 

Give what up? 
Needing perfection.

What do I feel I need to be perfect about?

Because you are unsatisfied. 

What am I unsatisfied with?
Your life. Career. 

What will satisfy me?
I don’t know.

You don’t know what will satisfy me? 
Nothing will.

Nothing? Why nothing? 
Because it doesn’t matter.

What doesn’t matter? 
What you have. It doesn’t matter what you have, you will never be satisfied.

Inner voice do you love me?
Yes absolutely.

Are you for me? 

What do I need to be satisfied? 

With who? 

I need to connect with myself? 
Yes. And me. Inner voice.

Oh, how do I connect with myself? 

How do I connect with inner voice?

Inner voice, what do I need to listen to to connect with myself? 
Everything. Daily interactions. Heart. Desires.

What do I need to do when I listen? 

Notice what? 

I need to notice my feelings?
How do you feel about it.

Inner voice should I identify my feelings? 

Write them down. Feel them. Let them pass. 

So writing my feelings down will help them pass? 

And then what? 
Peace. Be.

When I write my feelings down, I’ll have peace so I can just be? 

Is this how I should connect to my inner self? 
Yes and no.

How yes and how no? 
Yes, this will help you just be which in the moment will connect you to me. No, because you can always connect to me, Daughter. 

I can always connect? 
Yes, child. 

Stillness. Quiet.

I just need a quiet moment to connect to you? 

How do I connect with you?

Inner voice are you here?
Yes. Always.

So I don’t need to do anything to connect, because you’re always here? 
No, but you need to shift your direction.

My direction? 
Bobble down. 

To tune in to my heart?

And what do I do there? 
Be. Listen.

Thank you, Inner Voice. 

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