It is amazing to think that it is already February, so of course I am just now reflecting on 2018. Truthfully, it was a bit of a heads down year for me. It was also a year of blooming, of opening up and pursuing my interests without shame or pause. As a result, I feel more myself than I ever have before. Each year that I commit to being me and knowing myself better, I am changed forever. I grow in self-acceptance, self-love, and self-assuredness. Reflecting on where I came from, this is so beautiful to see. 


Sometimes you need to choose to change jobs in order to level up your life. A series of circumstances and desires confirmed that this was necessary for me, so I spent the first few months of the year pouring hours upon hours of time into updating my resume and portfolio, interviewing, and then negotiating. While at the time it was entirely exhausting, this was a necessary step that I am so glad I took. I spent the first quarter of 2018 transitioning to a new job and the remainder of it putting down roots. A year later, I feel thankful for that experience, and confident in the decision made. I’ve learned to give myself space to engage as much or as little as I feel I need at work, because I know it takes time for me to feel safe, grounded, and a sense of belonging.

Trust that you know yourself, know what you need, and stick to it. Don’t compromise at work just to impress someone or get into someone’s good graces. Follow your own path and all of the pieces will fall perfectly into place in the right timing. 


Growing by yourself is beautiful. I could do it forever. I enjoy having alone time. I love digging deeper and deeper into the parts of me that I uncover. It is powerfully rewarding. But in a way, it’s also lacking. Because it’s not always enough to grow and be alone. My heart longs for companionship, and in 2018, I had the opportunity to grow in relationship. Grow as an individual. Grow as a partner. Grow as a couple. Of all the work I’ve done, I will admit, this may be the most challenging for me. I am still not “there” yet. My relationship is not perfect, but it is so beautiful to reflect on how I’ve grown because of it. I’ve spent time identifying my needs, creating and enforcing boundaries, going with the flow, getting out of my comfort zone, and stepping into my power. Not compromising on your needs is key, and I’ve learned that asking for what you need to be healthy is the best thing you can do to love your partner. I have started reserving Sundays as “Liz days” for self-care. I take salt baths at least once per month. I spend a minimum of 30 minutes alone, recuperating my energy after work every day. These are important elements of my mental and emotional health.

If you haven’t recently, consider what you need to be healthy as an individual and in a relationship. Write it down. Look at your calendar and schedule time to make it happen.


My heart is full of gratitude. I trust now that every breadcrumb I’ve followed was purposeful and meaningful. From ‘You are a Bad Ass’ to ‘Eastern Body, Western Mind’, to ‘Self-Coaching 101’, each book I read broadened my view of my self, my body, my soul, and what is possible for me. Those books led to enrolling in courses on the science of consciousness, the intuition, and spirit. Those courses helped me refine my personal spiritual practice of writing to my Inner Voice, something I’ve done for over ten years. They gave me new spiritual life and ignited a passion in me to serve others with my gifts through coaching sessions. At the beginning of 2018, starting my own coaching practice was an interest and a long shot. By the end of the year, a practice seemed to have fallen into my lap as the next best step. How wonderful!

Listen to life when a door opens with ease. These opportunities are like little cues from the Universe that you are on the right path. Keep walking. Keep seeking.  Keep following the breadcrumbs. 

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