When I was in Detroit visiting family last October, I had my aura photographed at AuraAura in Detroit. I heard about AuraAura through Jess Lively, and I was excited to try it out. After all, I couldn’t visit Detroit and not return home with something super hipster. Here’s the detailed description of the reading AuraAura owner, Eileen Lee gave me based on my photograph.


As you can see, there’s a lot going on! If you look at the AuraAura instagram (@weareauraaura), most people tend to have two to three colors show up in their auras, which Eileen suggests may be a person’s “baseline” aura. My friend went with me, and hers was like that. It looked like a beautiful red and magenta Rothko painting. I have a rainbow aura, which is relatively uncommon, and as she told me, suggests that I am going through a period of spiritual and personal growth. A massive shift. She said that energy moves from left to right through the aura, and so in a photograph it’ll read right to left. 

On my left side, you can see some red and darker, more muted red, which may suggest that I am coming out of a recent season of exhaustion. She also said that dark red color can symbolize processing trauma, which I found interesting, because I recently was forced to process some of my own personal trauma stirred up by the Kavanaugh hearing. I felt a lot of anger and exhaustion at the time, so this seemed accurate. 

On my right side, you can see quite a bit coming in. This is largely green, which signifies that I am entering a season of growth, healing, and abundance. Yellow, orange, and red are also present, which suggests that alongside this growth, I will be grounded, optimistic, creative, and stepping into my power, It may be a sign of a new beginning. 


About ~20% of people have colors show up in their heart chakra and it is even more rare for the throat chakra to be highlighted as well. I have a bright magenta over my heart chakra and a blend of cherry red and orange over my throat chakra (expressing my emotions and passions). I believe this showed up because I had an emotionally charged conversation with a family member about an hour before this. 

Above my head, there is an arch shape present, comprised of green, yellow, and turquoise. This means that at this time I aspire for growth in communication, for stepping into my power, for feeling more joyful.

Above that is my present energy in the moment and consciousness. You can see indigo/blue and subtle white/violet on the right.  These colors represent empathic ability, sensitivity, intuition and spiritual connection. 

Lastly, the most notable thing about the photo is that white orb with a violet halo around it. Orbs are seldom studied. She described them as “energetic abnormalities” or in her perspective, spirit guides or angels. An all-white orb indicates that a spirit or angel is present, and the violet around it means that it may be trying to communicate information to me psychically. Interesting!


If you get a chance to visit Detroit, I highly recommend getting your aura photographed. It was such a fun experience, and I was amazed at how accurate it was as a snapshot of my life at the moment. AuraAura travels regularly. You can reserve a spot online for upcoming cities.

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